Trip to Ipoh !

by - 8:39 PM

Hola gais! It's been a long time since I didn't update anything. So what's up ? Are you guys doing good ? I hope you do <3
And yeah it's 2019! Well I'd hope it's not too late for me to update my end of 2018 Getaway. 

I've been to Ipoh, Perak on last December. It was kinda getaway and I swear, it's great. So we started my trip in the midnight. And arrived in Ipoh in about 7am. We decided to get some breakfast at the New Hollywood restaurant. Here it goes,

Okay, this is what I've been craving for, it's Roti bakar telur goyang. Look at those half boiled (i guess) eggs. You guys should try this.

And secondly, it's Chee Cheong Fun. My favorite chinese meal. It costs 4 bucks or something. They have chicken and prawn. It's highly recommended.

A big reminder for you guys out there, the restaurant is kinda crowded. So you have to be patient to be seated.

Then we stayed at the Brownstone Hostel and Space.

Well I'm gonna update more about this place later okay.
We had some rest here till that night. Then we went to Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung in Jalan Ali Pitchay. I had my delicious Belut masak kunyit. And yah, craving satisfied *two thumbs up*.

For the next day, we made a food hunting in Ipoh. Here it goes again,

Guess what I've been finding ?

It's Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah, also has been known as Nasi Ganja. Actually there's no such thing as Marijuana in it. So yah, don't worry.

You have to que up in about 10minutes here because there's a lot of people. It's not to long because their service are kinda fast. And it's worth waiting for.

It served you with fried chicken, salted egg, curry and some cucumber.

And then we went here to buy some cendol. It's cheaper than I can get in Jb. So if you guys are looking for a variety type of cendol, just drop by Rojak N Cendol stall at Padang Ipoh.

There it goes, our delicious cendol and nasi ganja at the back.

And then we get our Tau Fu Fah at the Funny Mountain.

It was in "Best in the World" tv shows tho.

It's cheap and tasteful. And kudos to those staff that are so friendly.

It's a must for you to buy their Soya Cincau. I'm not a Soy drinker but I swear this is nice.

This is also one of the recommended place to eat. 

We had our Mee Kicap. It was recommended by the worker, the soup tastes so good!

We ordered a dish of Yong Tau Foo too.

In the late night, we went to Chokodok Reggae House. They have a room for backpacker to stay upstairs.

Look at the menu haha. And I swear those people were so creative.

I had my Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop, it's quite nice tho.

This is their cute bar.

I've told ya, they are so creative making DIY things.

So that's all for today. I'm gonna update more soon. Stay tuned!